Ondaran Order

The Ondaran Order was founded by Ondar Fend in the last years of the Dark Ages. The Order is devoted to making magic available to everyone, everywhere. They will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. They believe that no price is too high to bring equality of magic to the world. Members of the Order typically call themselves “Brothers (or Sisters) of Ondar.”

The primary tool of the Order is the Ondaran Web, a magical web of Glyphs created through the use of strongly Law-based magic. This Web is formed out of both arcane and divine magic, and combines the two to devastating effect. Members of the Order cast spells using strings of Glyphs, which are pulled from (and return to) the Web. Through a ritual of attuning to the Web, little actual training in magic is needed for proficiency.

Arcane energy is “woven” into the Web through the use of enchanted stones, which siphon arcane energy from a geographic area to power the Ondaran Glyphs. These stones have the effect of replacing the natural flow of raw arcane energy in the affected area with a flow of refined Ondaran magic in an area, rendering arcane magic unusable.

Divine energy is tied into the Web through a process of Breaking existing gods, and Binding their essence into bloodlines within the Order. A special weapon is created that is capable of unbinding (Breaking) a god’s divine essence, which is then used to summon the god to a specially prepared combat arena. If defeated, the god’s divine essence is woven into the Web in the same manner as arcane magic, but is Bound to living bloodlines instead of lifeless stone. This divine power is complemented by direct worship of the Web by members of the Order.

Notably, the Ondaran Web is useless against (and cannot incorporate) Chaos magic. This has led to a disparate group of Chaos Mages calling themselves Glyph Reavers [TK Change this name], as a semi-organized opposition to the activities of the Order.

Ondaran Order

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